short documentary, DE 2016, 20 min

LM: rerecording mixer

directed by: Hannes Schilling

sound design: Fabian Koppri

In the Winter of 2012 a series of burglaries occurred in the villages of Küstrin-Kiez and Bleyen on the German-Polish border. Fearful of more such incidents and faced with a lack of police personnel, the citizens of the two villages in the area of Oderbruch start to unite. David (42) and Eileen (32) are part of this citizens group. At night they patrol the streets, equipped with flashlights and walkie talkies surveying suspicious activities and potential criminals. As part of a so called “Security partnership” the state decides to make the group an official partner of the local police. In 2015, despite not a single burglary being recorded in the two villages, the group continues its routine. This short documentary accompanies the group during their nightly activities and discusses whether normal citizens should be taking on the role of the police.

I mixed this film on the Harrison MPC-4D at Film University Babelsberg’s dubbing stage.