Monju Hunters of Sofugan Island


animated short film, DE 2016, 10 min

LM: rerecording mixer

directed and animated by: Dirk Wachsmuth and Karim Eich

sound design: Michael Holz

music: Martin Kohlstedt

A documentary-style short film about a lone hunter in a dystopic and abandoned world. As a result of countless environmental crises, most humans and animals have vanished from the planet. All that’s left are  „Monjus“ – gigantic mutated whales – and the last man who hunts after them. He is the one who chose to stay back, while the rest of humanity has set out for a new home among the stars. And he has quite a story to tell…

The project is the bachelor and master’s thesis of Dirk Wachsmuth and Karim Eich, both students of Bauhaus-University Weimar. Hats off to their amazing animation skills!

I mixed this film on the Harrison MPC-4D at Film University Babelsberg’s dubbing stage.