Regular Biznes


short film, DE 2014

LM: director, voice actor, sound designer, foley artist, composer, rerecording mixer

Short film about the last man on Earth. You’d expect him to be an exceptional hero… But it does not happen.

Created during the „short cuts: fiction“ seminar at Bauhaus University Weimar. We had a small handicam and only three days to shoot and edit. I had won the handicam way back at the IFA 2009 in Berlin during a short film contest held by Canon, not knowing I would use it for the first time a whopping five years later!

All the sound was rerecorded in the studio.

Together with my other short film „In Spring“, it opened the “Medienrolle” film festival during the Summeary 2014 exhibition at Bauhaus-University Weimar.

It was also featured on MDR’s show „Unicato“ in 2015 and during the Flimmerzimmer Film School Battle in Berlin.

Actor: Deniz Dökmeoğlu

End titles song: „Exhaustible“ by DeVotchKa. All rights reserved.